Frequently Asked Questions

Who was Alex Murray?

Alex was a trance channel in New York City
He channeled spirits who offered guidance to people

What is Alex Channels?
Alex Channels is a library of messages from spirits he channeled
When was Alex Channels recorded?
The messages were recorded on ZOOM during his weekly channeling group from 2020-2022
Who is Brightstar?
Brightstar is an actual star who was Alex’s gatekeeper
Who is Amatonqua?
Amatonqua is a Seneca Native American Tribal Elder who gave personal messages to people at Alex’s weekly channeling group
What kind of spirits did Alex channel?
Alex channeled a variety of positive spirits Their goal is to provide guidance, support and inspiration!
When was Alex born and when did he pass away?

Alex was born in The Bay area of Oakland, CA on March 21, 1944 and passed away in NYC on June 7, 2022

How can I listen to the recorded messages?
The subscription for all access is $4.99/month
Is there a scroll bar on the playlists?
Some of the playlists have a scroll bar to see the list of recordings
Can I cancel the subscription and are there any refunds?

You can cancel at any time and there are no refunds

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