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July 2024

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Over 300 channeled messages from 100+ spirit guides

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Messages channeled by Alex Murray

Alex Murray was an internationally known clairvoyant, trance channel, lecturer and teacher

Alex Murray - internationally known clairvoyant, trance channel, lecturer and teacher

300+ channeled messages from spirit guides

Find answers to your deepest questions


Love and Relationships



Death & Afterlife


Being Human



Receive guidance from spirit guides, enlightened beings and historic figures

(100+ spirit guides channeled)



Alex’s gatekeeper



Native American Seneca Tribal Elder
Mother Mary

Mother Mary

Wife of Joseph and mother of Jesus

Abraham Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln

The 16th president of the United States


African channel, seer and     knower of Spirit



Chinese founder of Taoism

Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz

Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz

Mexican writer, philosopher, composer, poet and nun



Archangel of visions and messenger of God

Maria Giovanna

Maria Giovanna

Italian nun and teacher

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What others are saying

Alex was an extraordinary man

Alex was an extraordinary man, larger than life and truly one of a kind. He was brilliant, sensitive, hilarious, generous, loyal and artistically gifted beyond measure. He had no concept of, or pride about, the countless lives he enriched through his spiritual work.

The love he elicited and the good that he did will reverberate forever.

Nancy M.

A welcome and important part of my personal development

Alex’s psychic readings and medium messages were a welcome and important part of my personal development. What NOT to waste my time doing was always the most valuable lesson.

Louise D.

A channeling evening... became a changing day in my life

It was the decade of the nineties when a friend led me to your Tuesday channeling evening. It was a changing day in my life. Over time, I met many spirit guides through you and one who became my own. I made many close friends, several still with me. Your influence on those of us privileged to know you continues in spirit.

Evelyn W.

I heard exactly what I needed to hear to take my next right step

Alex Murray made a profound difference in my life. Frequently I had questions about the direction in my life and heard exactly what I needed to hear to take my next right step.

Many other spirit guides came through and they offered great guidance And frequently they were quite entertaining. The sense of humor these spirit guides had was always a joy.

Robert O.

The recorded messages may give you the guidance you need

Alex has been a major influence in my life, introducing me via channeling to many wonderful spirit souls over the years. The key influence in my life has been Brightstar. I can hear her wisdom and unique voice, sense of humor and teachings loud and clear in my mind even when she is not channeled through Alex but speaks to me personally.

Don’t hesitate to listen to the recorded messages; they’re truly enlightening and may give you the guidance you need just at the right time.

L.D. San Diego, CA

Empowering, wise, and informative

Since my first channeling with Alex, I became a devotee. I went every Tuesday that I was available, and I loved getting messages from my personal guides, I loved knowing who they were, and the information was always empowering, wise, and informative. I would encourage anyone to listen to his tapes and listen to the wonderful spirits who came through with exceptional wisdom and knowledge. Please check it out, you won’t be bored or disappointed.

Linda J.

Enriching to my soul

I would say that his channeling through the years have been enriching to my soul.

Richard F.

He awakened and honed my natural gifts

My life would never be the same had I not met Alex Murray! He was a most incredible soul…who taught me and inspired me with his knowledge, wisdom and humor. He awakened and honed my natural gifts, as well as the many students who were lucky enough to be guided to him. His patient and profound teaching of psychic development and healing will carry his legacy forward.

Alex and his Guides inspired the direction of my career, belief system and purpose. Thank you dearest Alex for your life and work. ….I will remember your authenticity and humility. …and how much you loved a good laugh! There will never be another like him. Thank you for your life and work, you have truly changed the world!

Barbara R.

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